What Does Green Cement Do?

  • Higher Quality Cement.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint.
  • Carbon emissions are 99% lower than Portland cement.
  • Stronger. Longer lasting. More affordable. Better for the environment.

Pozzolanic Cement

The cement that built Rome and Athens 2000 years ago is still standing today because it is stronger and more durable than our current (Portland) cement, which is a major source of carbon pollution accounting for about 8% of global carbon emissions.

Pozzolanic cement was replaced by Portland cement almost 200 years ago because Portland cement sets faster in one day than Pozzolanic cement.

Green Cement reengineered pozzolanic cement to make it react faster – matching the one-day performance of Portland Cement. Green Cement products are stronger than Portland Cement in 28 days and continue to gain long-term strength while reducing carbon emissions by 99% and lowering the embodied carbon in the final concrete materials dramatically.

Green Cement Products Performance

Green Cement Products meets the performance of high-grade slag. Early set times are competitive with 100% Portland cement. Green Cement Products reduce cost.

Green Cement Products Advantages

  • Lower material cost for every cubic yard of concrete
  • Strength is ultimately better
  • Carbon emissions are 99% lower than Portland cement
  • Embodied carbon of finished product reduced

Commercial Viability

Green Cement Products requires no changes to current industry practice and has been validated by the US DOT (Department of Transportation), Texas DOT, and the Pennsylvania DOT, with hundreds of miles of roadway already complete in Texas using this product.

Higher Replacement

Green Cement Products reduces the need for Portland Cement 50-100%

Longer Lasting

Resistance to sulfate and alkali-silica reaction


Reduced hydration temperatures make the placing of concrete easier

High Strength

Superior strength properties – 20% stronger in 28 days

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