Green Cement Inc. Appoints Materials Executive to Lead Expansion

Media release > 16th August, 2021

Green Cement Inc – fka VHSC, has appointed prominent mining and materials
executive, Grant Quasha, to lead its global expansion drive.

The move comes amid the company’s rapid technological progress in the replacement of Portland Cement with near zero carbon Pozzolanic cement.

Mr. Quasha, who has been appointed as Green Cement’s Chief Executive Officer succeeds John T. Preston, who will remain Chairman of the Board. Mr. Quasha will be based in Texas, where the Company has its headquarters and existing production facilities. Mr. Quasha will also be joining the Company’s Board of Directors.

He is joining Green Cement following a successful period as regional Chief Investment Officer of GFG Alliance where he oversaw the growth of its US business from its nascency to a $1bn conglomerate with approximately 1,500 employees. Previously Mr. Quasha served as CEO and Managing Director of Paringa Resources, a junior mining company and Chief Commercial Officer of Wolverine Fuels, LLC, the largest producer of Western bituminous coal in the US.

He’d previously gained extensive experience in the materials and metals sectors through his roles as North American Manager of Corporate and Structured Finance at Trafigura AG, one of the world’s largest independent commodity trading houses, and, before that, as an investment banker in JPMorgan’s New York mining and metals division. He previously served the board of directors of the National Mining Association.

Mr. Quasha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, Cum Laude, from Harvard College and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

Commenting on his new role he said: “Green Cement has a unique opportunity to disrupt the 4 billion ton per year cement industry with its patented technology than can economically produce cement with near zero greenhouse gas emissions. The company has been quietly perfecting its technology and can now replace up to 100% of Portland Cement with its PozzoSlag product. Hardly a startup, the company has sold over two million tons of product in the United States and has paved Interstates, airport runways and other projects. It is now ready to expand from its existing production facilities in Texas and I am excited to grow the business with its world-class team.”

John Preston, Chairman of Green Cement said: “We are very excited about having Grant lead the company’s ambitions growth plans. Grant has an excellent track record of achievement and leadership skills that fit perfectly with our needs as we transition from a technology development company to a company focused on commercial deployment. Emission from cement production represent 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and it is imperative that we accelerate the adoption of technologies like ours that mitigate carbon emissions”

About Green Cement:

The cement that built Rome and Athens 2000 years ago is still standing today because it is stronger and more durable than our current (Portland) cement, which is a major source of carbon pollution accounting for about 8% of global carbon emissions.

Pozzolanic Cement was replaced by Portland Cement almost 200 years ago because Portland Cement sets faster in one day than Pozzolanic Cement.

Green Cement reengineered Pozzolanic Cement to make it react faster – matching the one-day performance of Portland Cement. Green Cement is 20% stronger than Portland Cement in 28 days and continues to gain long term strength while reducing carbon emissions up to 98%.

Green Cement meets the performance of high-grade slag. Green Cement reduces cost.

Green Cement Advantages:

– Lower material cost for every cubic yard of concrete

– Strength is ultimately better

– Carbon emissions are up to 98% lower than Portland cement

Green Cement requires no changes to current industry practice and has been validated by the US DOT (Department of Transportation), and the Texas DOT with hundreds of miles of roadway already complete in Texas using this product.